Future University In Egypt (FUE)


Religion Care

Religion – no matter which – is a fundamental part of any person. As varied as our beliefs are, they still shape the lives and influence the attitudes and behavior of every person at different levels.

On campus, we do not want to tell you what to believe, but, from our conviction that religion plays a pivotal role in our lives, we want to help our students to achieve the following:

  • A correct understanding of the scriptures of religion in an enlightened atmosphere and through interacting with respected and renowned religious figures so as to obtain information and clarify issues from reliable sources.
  • Learning to accept and respect each other beliefs towards achieving a harmonious coexistence and minimizing prejudices.

Regulations and Policies:

  • Religion Care is offered to all students without discrimination or preferences.
  • No clubs or groups based on religion and discrimination between students are allowed or recognized.
  • Seminars addressing religious matters are subject to prior approval and review to ascertain that their topics are in compliance with and conform to the basic principal of respecting others beliefs and religion. Any decision taken by the university is final in this regard.
  • All students, regardless of their respective religion, are allowed and will not be barred or hindered in any way from attending seminars, or meetings, as organized by the university.
  • Any student and or faculty member showing disrespect in any way or manner or intentionally insulting religious beliefs will be subject to disciplinary measures as fully prescribed in the university regulations.


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