Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Student Union

Student Union Regulations

General Policy

  • Student union is a student’s activity at the Future University in Egypt and it goes under the laws and instructions of the FUE system.
  • The student union shall elect annually a decision of the Council of University and specifying the dates of elections in the faculties of the university and its various stages, and the announcement of the nominations are open.
  • Student union is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-profitable organization.
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Election Policy and Terms

  • Candidate should be students at the Future University in Egypt.
  • Elections hold every year in November.
  • FUE students only have the right to vote, as the election is internal affair of the campus.
  • Anyone wants to apply to the elections have to prepare a program and new ideas.
  • The applicant for the executive board elections should be a member of the union at least for 2 semesters with minimum CGPA 2 out of 4 however for the president position only minimum CGPA 2 out of 4.
  • If any of the elected members of the executive board lost/left/quite his position the executive board should choose another member to take this place until the next elections.
  • FUE Candidate has to act in a manner that present the union and the FUE in good picture.
  • Candidate has to update their contact list in the association to be easily reached.
  • Everyone has his task and has not the right to interfere in any other work.
  • If anyone don’t want to attend any meeting or participate in any task he has to excuse the head of the committee first .
  • The members of the union has not the right use the name of the FUE.
  • Election process and regulations are set and held by the university.
  • If any of the elected members of the executive board lost/left/quite his position the executive board should choose another member to take this place until the next elections.
  • The applicant should be with concrete activities in the field of work of the Committee, which run out.
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Election Regulations

  • The Department of college to announce the opening of nominations for the election of the Council of the Federation of students each college.
  • A student request for the nomination on the form (1), prepared by the Office of Student Welfare at the university. And requires those who make nominations to committees of boards of unions that meets the following conditions:
    • Be those with significant activity in the work of the committee that nominates itself.
    • Be a lasting yet moral character and good reputation straight.
    • That the fees would steer the Union.
    • Be a regular student in an emerging band is staying for the returned for any reason.
    • Should not have been given a custodial sentence for freedom, or decide to drop or suspend the membership of student unions, or one of its committees.
    • All students of all teams have the right to the nomination.
  • A dean of each faculty committee to examine the applications to make sure that the conditions stipulated in the Regulations for the Law of the organization of universities, and the Committee shall consist of five members:
    • Two members of the faculty.
    • Two members of the top students in their teams from the non-candidates.
    • Director of Student Welfare.
  • Management College announces the names of candidates who qualified for the nomination in four days of the close of nomination and the candidate may, to campaign in the border line and due respect to the University and what does not lead to a breach of school systems.
  • The students of each group study the election of two candidates for the committee of the Union (social - cultural - sports - Communities - Technical) and is not entitled to any student who cast a vote only if the constrained schedules voters of students and carry identification and ballot .
  • Required for the validity of the election committees in the unions college students attend at least 50% of students who have the right to vote. If a quorum is not postpone the elections to date in the last over three days at most and in this case, the soundness of the election to attend at least 20% of the electorate.
  • If you can not configure the Council of Unions college students because the former Dean of the College shall appoint a council to manage the affairs of the Union includes elements of the top students in the study who are eligible for nomination.
  • A Dean number of committees to supervise the election process and consists of each of the committees supervising the elections of two members, one of the members of the faculty or teaching assistants and the other of the top students in their teams is not the candidates, and this committee count the votes on the day of elections and Yun including procedures followed and the outcome of the election proceedings shall be signed by a member of the Committee and adopted by the Dean of the College and is the winner won the most number of votes and the draw takes place in the case of an equality of votes
  • Conducted the election process of the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary for each of the committees of the Union in a week from the date of the election results to members of the committees under the supervision of a committee formed by the Dean of the College for the purpose of two members, one of the members of the faculty and the other of the top students in their teams and director of care management students at the university.
  • The election of the President of the Federation of University and his deputy, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. / Vice President for Education and Students in the presence of Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries of the Council of Association of Colleges University and the elected student council members, including Secretary and Deputy Secretary General of the Council and attend the Director of Student Welfare University and heads of specialized units to the technical activity of the Council for the care of students. University Board meetings and be the head of the Technical University for the care of students honest! Fund Council representatives will also attend the technical meetings for the care of students to committees and boards and associations involved in the discussion without having their votes counted.
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A group or association composed of students is required to register as a student organization through the Office of Student Affairs. The criteria for registration include: 

  • The organization must fill a need for students not currently being met by an existing organization on campus.
  • The constitution of the organization must be consistent with FUE rules, regulations and policies.
  • All members must be FUE students.
  • The organization must have a minimum of ten student members to qualify for registration.
  • The organization must have a university advisor who is a member of the FUE faculty, staff or administration
  • Student organizations are allowed to place advertisements and notices in official venues and publications, to use university facilities and to schedule off-campus speakers. They are eligible for university funding.
  • The officers and members of registered student organizations shall comply with all rules and regulations of FUE as well as all laws of Egypt. They shall regularly inform the organization’s advisor (s) about their programs and activities.
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Withdrawal of Registration

The privileges conferred through registration may be withdrawn for willful or negligent violation of university or state standards, codes or policies. Registration may also be withdrawn when an organization fails to carry out its programs consistent with the stated aims and purposes of the organization’s constitution. 

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Officer Eligibility

To be eligible to hold office in a student organization, students must achieve and maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average, and must be in good standing with their Faculty. Officers whose grades fall below a 2.0 for more than one semester or fail to meet the other requirements must relinquish their office immediately upon notification from the Student Affairs Office or their advisor. 

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