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Regulations and Policies

  • Regulations for student activities come into effect from date of their recognition and being approved by the president of the university.
  • The term ‘student activities’ embraces all student union activities and all the activities of families and clubs in the university.
  • Every student must sign an affirmation making a commitment to uphold these regulations and other university rules and regulations.

New Club Establishment

Establishment of any new art club is subject to approval from the Student Life & Welfare Department. For starting a new club, a summary of the purpose of the club and how this purpose will be fulfilled will be submitted to the department for evaluation and approval.  

  • No material that is offensive or against accepted behavior shall be displayed or allowed to be used and any student not conforming to this will be banned from participating in further club activities as well as being subject to any other disciplinary actions, as stipulated under university regulations.
  • Any charity drive or collection of money will be subject to prior approval of the department and in accordance with university policies. Disbursement of any collected donations will be under the direct supervision of the department.
  • The university will assist social activities by hosting events in-house and by coordinating with recognized charitable organizations for participating in local campaigns and events.
  • Only current club members are allowed the use of and access to club equipment, and rooms and halls, as may be allocated by the university to the club. All club equipment is to be handled properly and with care and all rooms and halls are to be left in the condition in which they were found.
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Registration Policy

  • Each student shall register his name and complete an activity form with the department at the beginning of each semester for his or her chosen activity.
  • After registration, students will be granted a card, permitting their attendance and participation in that activity.
  • Every student must carry his university ID at all times.
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Registration Rules

In order to register, every student must have available the following: 

  • A university ID card
  • A medical report, certifying that the student is sound of body and that sports or physical activities are not health threatening
  • Two copies of the receipt showing that tuition fees have been paid and that insurance has been settled.
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Registration Period

Within two weeks from the start of a semester .

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Code of Conduct

Student must adhere to behaving everywhere in a disciplined manner at all times, conforming with acceptable behavior and in compliance with university rules and regulations.  

  • All students must respect religious beliefs and places of prayer.
  • Students must not act in any manner that may jeopardize their saengineeringy or health or that of others.
  • Students must uphold a presentable appearance while exercising any academic, cultural, athletic or social activity. The person in charge of that activity shall be the authority to determine if that appearance is deemed presentable and appropriate, and his decision shall be considered as final in this regard. Students must comply with the advice from the person in charge.
  • It is absolutely forbidden that any student consumes alcohol or drugs or any intoxicating substance on campus, or during trips, or activities.
  • The student must attend lectures, exams, and tests in accordance with academic regulations issued by the college. Club activities shall be pursued during free time.
  • Permission for the non-attendance of lectures during the times of external official events may be granted by providing proof from the department and informing the academic faculty dean and obtaining his or her approval.
  • Student must follow exemplary behavior in classrooms, laboratories, during lectures and all outside activities.
  • Students will take full care of university property and comply with all rules and regulations, issued as regards the use of equipment and areas that are to be used for any activity.
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Commitments to Laws and Customs

All student shall follow codes of conduct in conformity with the prevailing laws and customs of Egypt and it is forbidden, at all times and in all places, to commit acts as may impugn their own or the university’s reputation.

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Student Activities

  • Students activities are permitted on campus or in such places as are determined by the university, whilst always respecting university customs, the rights of others, and freedom of speech.
  • Students are allowed to organize seminars and debates in class rooms after obtaining approval Form from this department and the approval of their own dean.
  • Loud speakers are not allowed for any reason on campus, unless with the prior approval of the vice president of the university, or the dean of the relevant faculty or the director of this department.
  • Seminars with religious or political themes are not allowed on campus, unless approved by the president of the university.
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Wall Newspaper issuing Regulations

  • The Name and subject matter of the newspaper, with the name of the relevant faculty, must be registered with the director of this department. The Names and full details of the editorial staff shall also be stipulated.
  • Any such publication shall be issued on campus or such other locations as have been stipulated by the relevant faculty dean or the director of this department.
  • All student publications shall comply with customary social norms and avoid all religious, racial, or political prejudice.
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