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About the Student Life Department

The Student Life Department at Future University in Egypt offers student support, advice, and guidance for national and international students on activities, social work, disability issues, and social counseling. In addition we offer information and guidance concerning the student union and cultural services, such as playing musical instruments, drama, acting, singing in choirs, various clubs. and other organizations.

We are committed to offering high quality services that help develop personal and creative potential throughout a student's academic life on and off campus. The Student Life Department offers many opportunities for students to take part in activities, share experiences and enthusiasms for their interests, and social contributions. Becoming involved in activities and volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded students and enhance your university experience!

Social Activities

  • Trips
  • Charity work
  • The student union
  • Special events
  • Recreation and entertainment
  • Community service

Sports Activities

  • Team sports
  • Individual sports
  • Universities sports federation tournaments
  • Sports tournaments internal and external

Cultural and Fine Art Activities

  • Theatre
  • Seminars
  • Debating club
  • Art and music

There are already many well established as well as new clubs available for students to participate in. Go ahead, join a club or clubs in whatever it is you like to do. 


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