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Hand Crafts Club

Hand Crafts Club This is the club for creative people and lovers of using simple and various non-expensive materials to make items by hand that are both decorative and useful.

Handicrafts are items that are constructed by hand using simple tools rather than mass production methods and equipment. While very similar to basic arts and crafts, there is one key difference with handicrafts. The items produced as a result of the efforts are designed for a specific function or use as well as being ornamental in nature. All types of handcrafts rely on the vision and dexterity of the individual to produce the desired result rather than some type of production machinery.

Handcraft teaches patience, perseverance and concentration. Creating something by hand satisfies a sense of achievement, boosting self confidence and improving hand dexterity. Intelligent creativity and handcraft are inclusive. It is also an opportunity for some fun and socializing.

The following are some of the most common forms of handicrafts:
Knitting and crocheting  Jewelry
Beading and embroidery  Sewing 
Card making
Collage  Origami
Papier-mâché  Scrapbooking
Wood crafts and Carpentry  Ceramic 
Glass Blowing  Pottery  Metal crafts  Engraving 


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