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Omseyat Club

Omseyat club This club is fosters an appreciation of poetry through reading, writing, and performance in its various published and non-published modes, including sonnets, ballads, rap, odes, and free verse.

It is a place to share an appreciation for the power and beauty of the written and spoken word in the form of poems through dramatic recitation, analysis, criticism, interpretation, understanding, and authorship.
The club aims to achieve the following:
  • Encourage students to express themselves and develop the skills of poetry writing.
  • To provide all students with an open forum for sharing their poetry and creative writings.
  • To provide opportunities for social and academic interaction with fellow students, faculty, staff, and guest speakers.
  • To provide students who are seeking to enhance their creative writing skills with opportunities for personal enrichment and creative development.
  • To aid in the promotion of the College’s deep sense of education and collaboration within the community.

The club is open to any and all students from all majors and fields of study. The club organizes regular discussion of selected texts, and its function is to create a place and time for anyone who enjoys poetry to gather to share questions and ideas through the lens of specific poems. 

Some of the activities include:
  • Publishing an annual poetry magazine to raise pride in the student in his poems and gifts
  • Hosting famous poets to talk about themselves, their backgrounds, and poetry
  • Trips to cultural centers that focus on poetry such as Al Sawy Cultural Wheel and the Cairo Opera House.

“Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history” -Plato  


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